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Plants have provided the earliest form of medicine to humans and animals for millennia. Plant medicines have successfully been used to heal many diseases and health conditions in every society and tradition of human civilization.

The earliest forms of writing provide clear evidence that early societies successfully utilized plant medicines for disease. Early records include cave drawings from around the world, Egyptian, Indian and South American hieroglyphs, Aborigine paintings and carvings, and early Scripture scrolls.

These early records of plant medicine application became more sophisticated, as plant types and clinical results translated into materia medica texts from China, India, Thailand and Europe. Meanwhile South American, North American and Pacific natives developed their own forms of clinical evidence for plant-based healing, which was passed down from one generation to the next by healers in each community for thousands of years.

These many records of plant medicine application from around the world have been the subject of scientific research over the past century. Overwhelmingly, modern science has substantiated the therapeutic nature of plant medicines used by traditional societies.

This is also evidenced by the reality that some 60 percent of pharmaceuticals are based upon compounds from plant medicines.

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