Aged Garlic and Other Natural Strategies Reduce Hypertension

aged garlic reduces blood pressure

Aged Garlic lowers blood pressure

We can now add garlic to the list of several natural strategies to reduce hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Clinical research on garlic

Researchers from Australia’s University of Adelaide confirmed that garlic is effective for reducing blood pressure.

The researchers conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial with 79 patients who had been diagnosed with uncontrolled systolic hypertension.

The researchers divided the patients into four groups. For 12 weeks, they gave one group 240 milligrams of aged garlic extract per day in capsule form. Another group was given 480 milligrams and the third group was given 960 milligrams of the aged garlic per day.

The fourth group was given a placebo.

Before and after the three months the patients were tested for blood pressure.

The patients given the 480 milligrams per day saw a systolic blood pressure reduction of almost 12 mmHg compared with the placebo group. This reduction was greater than the reduction seen among both the 280 milligrams per day and 960 milligrams per day – which had a reduction of 7.4 mmHg in systolic blood pressure.

The researchers concluded:

“Our trial suggests aged garlic extract to be an effective and tolerable treatment in uncontrolled hypertension, and may be considered as a safe adjunct treatment to conventional antihypertensive therapy.”

What is aged garlic?

Aged garlic has either been dried in a dry storage or dried using ethanol. The natural drying process will convert its alliin and allicin content into derivatives, but it will increase its sulfur compounds – for example, S-allylcysteine, which may well provide the effective constituent in garlic’s ability to reduce hypertension.

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The Australian research used an aged garlic standardized to S-allylcysteine.

Other natural strategies to reduce high blood pressure

As we’ve reported in other articles, certainly other natural strategies may also be employed for blood pressure. Here they are, summarized:

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Our reports have also found certain things increase blood pressure. These include:

Refined sugars, sugary sodas, low potassium intake and poor sleep have been connected with high blood pressure, along with many other poor diet and lifestyle choices, such as stress.

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