COVID-19 Plant Medicine Research Flourishes

Over the past two years numerous peer-reviewed studies have tested the ability of plant-based medicines for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. How have they performed?

A number of studies have now tested plant medicines against the coronavirus.

As you will see from the studies linked in the below table, quite well.

The table below currently has 114 studies. They are alphabetical to author name and the paper or its abstract can be directly accessed simply by clicking the link on the title.

Lectins and COVID-19

There are some exciting studies included in this list. One topic has been covered previously in the Journal of Plant Medicines: Lectins and COVID. That paper discussed the connections between lectins’ ability to combat the first SARS virus and how they are being tested on COVID-19.

Two more recent studies on lectins (Abbas et al. and Ahmed et al. below) takes the research further into studying lectins such as red algae and banana peel against COVID-19.

Artemisia and COVID-19

Another exciting study covers the use of Artemisia plant species, such as Artemisia annua and A. afra.

These plants contain a compound called Artemisinin that has been shown to halt replication of the COVID-19 virus in the body. Artemisia extracts have been shown to also help prevent contraction of the virus.

Artemisinin is the same compound found to inhibit malaria and dengue fever in other research, as we’ve reported.

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Ayurveda and the Coronavirus

Yet another intriguing area of study has been the use of Ayurvedic herbal medicines to combat COVID-19. A study we are listing below reviews 51 clinical trials, of which 17 resulted in strong clinical data showing efficacy for different Ayurvedic herbs when applied as co-treatments with COVID-19 patients.

We have also listed some of these clinical trials as well. Herbal compounds such as Ginger, Black pepper, Piper longum, Terminalia cordifolia and others were found within formulations shown to have some success in these studies.

Antiviral Cordyceps

Another interesting compound being investigated is a constituent from the Cordyceps mushroom. This mushroom has long proven to be significantly antiviral. Now scientists have isolated a particular compound from this mushroom, called Cordyceptin. The compound has shown to be antiviral against a number of viruses, now including the coronavirus. Some labs have created an analogue to the natural compound, eyeing the opportunity to patent a drug with this analogue.

Fortunately, nature has already provided the natural medicine with the compound, together with nature’s array of buffers to balance any potential side effects. That’s because nature is smarter than our laboratory techs.

Treatment by African traditional medicine

A 2022 study from Lagos State University (Olubunmi et al. 2022) listed below investigated COVID-19 treatments that were being given by traditional tribal healers among the Awori people in Ojo, Lagos.

The researchers found that the healers used 50 different medicinal plant compounds in their treatments. They found that 18 species were from trees, 15 from herbs, 10 from shrubs and 7 from climbers.

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The most used species, with the highest benefits resulted from:

  • Azadirachta indica (Neem)
  • Allium sativum (Garlic)
  • Zingiber officinale (Ginger)
  • Citrus limon (Lemon)
  • Garcina cola (Bitter cola).

These plants were found by the researchers, “were reported to treat fever, sore throat, dry cough and boost immune system respectively.”

Additional follow up

In the coming days we continue to update the table. We may also expand some of our summary information for some of the more important studies listed below. So please favorite this page and check back for updates!

Recent studies on plant medicines and COVID-19

Lectins Are the Sparkle of Hope for Combating Coronaviruses and the Global COVID-19Abbas, Heba Salah; Kotakonda, Muddukrishnaiah;
Natural Products and Their Promise Against COVID 19Abo-Elghiet, Fatma; Alharbi, Hanan M; Temraz, Abeer;
Plant bioactive compounds affecting biomarkers and final outcome of COVID-19Ackova, Darinka Gjorgieva; Maksimova, Viktorija; Smilkov, Katarina;
Artemisia Extracts and Artemisinin-Based Antimalarials for COVID-19 Management: Could These Be Effective Antivirals for COVID-19 Treatment?Agrawal, Pawan K; Agrawal, Chandan; Blunden, Gerald;
Plant lectins as prospective antiviral biomolecules in the search for COVID-19 eradication strategiesAhmed, Md Nasir; Jahan, Rownak; Nissapatorn, Veeranoot; Wilairatana, Polrat; Rahmatullah, Mohammed;
The role of plant‐derived natural antioxidants in reduction of oxidative stressAkbari, Behnaz; Baghaei‐Yazdi, Namdar; Bahmaie, Manochehr; Mahdavi Abhari, Fatemeh;
Ayurvedic formulations: Potential COVID-19 therapeutics?Ali, Anees Ahmed Mahaboob; Bugarcic, Andrea; Naumovski, Nenad; Ghildyal, Reena;
Scientometric assessment of scientific documents published in 2020 on herbal medicines used for COVID-19Atlasi, Rasha; Ramezani, Aboozar; Tabatabaei-Malazy, Ozra; Alatab, Sudabeh; Oveissi, Vahideh; Larijani, Bagher;
In silico screening of some compounds derived from the desert medicinal plant Rhazya stricta for the potential treatment of COVID-19Baeshen, Nabih A; Albeshri, Abdulaziz O; Baeshen, Naseebh N; Attar, Roba; Karkashan, Alaa; Abbas, Basma; Bouback, Thamer A; Aljaddawi, Abdullah A; Refai, Mohammed Y; Abdelkader, Hayam S;
Effects of Plant Metabolites on the Growth of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease-19) Including Omicron StrainBagde, Hiroj; Dhopte, Ashwini;
Inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro main protease by plant polyphenolsBahun, Miha; Jukić, Marko; Oblak, Domen; Kranjc, Luka; Bajc, Gregor; Butala, Matej; Bozovičar, Krištof; Bratkovič, Tomaž; Podlipnik, Črtomir; Ulrih, Nataša Poklar;
A Practical Perspective on the Use of Botanicals During the COVID-19 Pandemic: From Proven to Potential InteractionsBertuccioli, Alexander; Cardinali, Marco; Di Pierro, Francesco; Magi, Simone; Zonzini, Giordano;
Towards finding a cure for COVID-19: the role of African Traditional Medicine as an indicator of developmentBhuda, Monicca; Khazamula, Ennocent;
Traditional Medicinal Plants as the Potential Adjuvant, Prophylactic and Treatment Therapy for COVID-19 Disease: A ReviewBinyane, Moleboheng Emily;
Chemical Composition (a New Chemotype) of Algerian Mugwort (Artemisia Herba-Alba Asso) Essential Oil and His Possible Potential Against COVID-19Boughendjioua, Hicham; Aiouaz, Saida; Medkour, Lamiss; Meramria, Maroua; Metnani, Zeyneb;
Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants of bejaia localities from algeria to prevent and treat coronavirus (COVID-19) infection shortened title: phytomedicine to manage COVID-19 pandemicBrahmi, Fatiha; Iblhoulen, Yassmina; Issaadi, Hanane; Elsebai, Mahmoud Fahmi; Madani, Khodir; Boulekbache-Makhlouf, Lila;
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Herbal Remedies, Nutraceuticals, and Dietary Supplements for COVID-19 Management: An UpdateChavda, Vivek P; Patel, Aayushi B; Vihol, Disha; Vaghasiya, Darsh D; Ahmed, Khandu Muhammed Saad Bashir; Trivedi, Kushal U; Dave, Divyang J;
Development of plant-made monoclonal antibodies against viral infectionsChen, Qiang;
Can Panax ginseng help control cytokine storm in COVID-19?Choi, Jong Hee; Lee, Young Hyun; Kwon, Tae Woo; Ko, Seong-Gyu; Nah, Seung-Yeol; Cho, Ik-Hyun;
Negative Interference of Ashwagandha, an Indian Ayurveda Medicine Indicated for Preventing COVID-19, in IL-6 ImmunoassayDasgupta, Amitava; Sengupta, Tamal K; Trinh, Elaine M; Russell, Alejandra;
An improved machine-learning approach for COVID-19 prediction using Harris Hawks optimization and feature analysis using SHAPDebjit, Kumar; Islam, Md Saiful; Rahman, Md; Pinki, Farhana Tazmim; Nath, Rajan Dev; Al-Ahmadi, Saad; Hossain, Md; Mumenin, Khondoker Mirazul; Awal, Md;
Plant Secondary Metabolites in Antiviral ApplicationsDhamija, Neeru; Mangla, AnitaGarg;
Nutraceutical potential of Amazonian oilseeds in modulating the immune system against COVID-19–A narrative reviewDos Santos, Orquídea Vasconcelos; Langley, Ana Clara da C Pinaffi; de Lima, Ana Júlia Mota; Moraes, Vinícius Sidonio Vale; Soares, Stephanie Dias; Teixeira-Costa, Barbara Elisabeth;
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The role of diet and supplementation of natural products in COVID-19 preventionGasmi, Amin; Chirumbolo, Salvatore; Peana, Massimiliano; Noor, Sadaf; Menzel, Alain; Dadar, Maryam; Bjørklund, Geir;
Indian spices: past, present and future challenges as the engine for bio‐enhancement of drugs: impact of COVID‐19Gidwani, Bina; Bhattacharya, Ruchi; Shukla, Shiv Shankar; Pandey, Ravindra Kumar;
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Use of hyphenated analytical techniques to identify the bioactive constituents of Gunnera perpensa L., a South African medicinal plant, which potently inhibit SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein–host ACE2 bindingInvernizzi, Luke; Moyo, Phanankosi; Cassel, Joel; Isaacs, Freddie J; Salvino, Joseph M; Montaner, Luis J; Tietjen, Ian; Maharaj, Vinesh;
The Potential Effects of Scrophularia Striata Boiss on COVID-19Jafari, Sajjad; Dadmehr, Majid; Sharifi, Yaeghob; Manshouri, Shirin; Kamali, Monireh; Vahidi Emami, Zahra; Rasizadeh, Reyhane; Seif, Farhad;
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Role of medicinal plants in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 and in the management of post-COVID-19 complicationsMukherjee, Pulok K; Efferth, Thomas; Das, Bhaskar; Kar, Amit; Ghosh, Suparna; Singha, Seha; Debnath, Pradip; Sharma, Nanaocha; Bhardwaj, Pardeep; Haldar, Pallab Kanti;
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Phytotherapy in response to COVID-19 and risks of intoxication: A field study in the city of Meknes (Morocco)Najem, Mariame; Ibijbijen, Jamal; Nassiri, Laila;
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Natural immunity boosters as therapeutic interventions in the era of COVID-19 pandemic.Noureen, Sibgha; Rehman, Kanwal; Akash, Hamid;
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Medicinal plant use, conservation, and the associated traditional knowledge in rural communities in Eastern UgandaSsenku, Jamilu E; Okurut, Shaban A; Namuli, Aidah; Kudamba, Ali; Tugume, Patience; Matovu, Paul; Wasige, Godfrey; Kafeero, Hussein M; Walusansa, Abdul;
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Plant-Derived Human Vaccines: Recent DevelopmentsStander, Jennifer; Mbewana, Sandiswa; Meyers, Ann E;
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Plant Polysaccharides Modulate Immune Function via the Gut Microbiome and May Have Potential in COVID-19 TherapyTang, Mengsheng; Cheng, Lu; Liu, Yanan; Wu, Zufang; Zhang, Xin; Luo, Songmei;
Computational modeling predicts potential effects of the herbal infusion “horchata” against COVID-19Tejera, Eduardo; Pérez-Castillo, Yunierkis; Toscano, Gisselle; Noboa, Ana Lucía; Ochoa-Herrera, Valeria; Giampieri, Francesca; Álvarez-Suarez, José M;
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Frequently Used Allopathic and Traditional Medicine for COVID-19 Treatment and Feasibility of Their IntegrationUpadhayay, Aditya; Patel, Gopal; Pal, Dharm; Kumar, Awanish;
Cordycepin: a bioactive metabolite of C ordyceps militaris and polyadenylation inhibitor with therapeutic potential against COVID-19Verma, Akalesh Kumar
Molecular simulation of compounds from n-hexane fraction of Sonchus arvensis L. leaves as SARS-CoV-2 antiviral through inhibitor activity targeting strategic viral proteinWahyuni DK, Sumrit Wacharasindhu, Wichanee Bankeeree, Hunsa Punnapayak, Hery Purnobasuki, Junairiah, Arif NM Ansori, Viol Dhea Kharisma, Arli Aditya Parikesit, Listyani Suhargo, Sehanat Prasongsuk
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for COVID-19: An overview of systematic reviews and meta-analysesWu, Han-ting; Ji, Cong-hua; Dai, Rong-chen; Hei, Pei-jie; Liang, Juan; Wu, Xia-qiu; Li, Qiu-shuang; Yang, Jun-chao; Mao, Wei; Guo, Qing;
Tea Polyphenols Prevent and Intervene in COVID-19 through Intestinal MicrobiotaXiang, Qiao; Cheng, Lu; Zhang, Ruilin; Liu, Yanan; Wu, Zufang; Zhang, Xin;
Questionnaires assessing the anxiety alleviation benefits of indoor plants for self-isolated population during COVID-19Yan, Lianyu; Liu, Fudan; Meng, Xi;
Potential benefits of ginseng against COVID-19 by targeting inflammasomesYi, Young-Su;
Critical role of Hyssop plant in the possible transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in contaminated human Feces and its implications for the prevention of the virus spread in sewageZahmatkesh, Sasan; Klemeš, Jiří Jaromír; Bokhari, Awais; Wang, Chongqing; Sillanpaa, Mika; Hasan, Mudassir; Amesho, Kassian TT;
Effect of Qingfei Paidu decoction combined with Western medicine treatments for COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysisZhang, Lei; Ma, Yan; Shi, Nannan; Tong, Lin; Liu, Si-hong; Ji, Xinyu; Chen, Renbo; Fan, Yipin; Liang, Ning; Ge, Youwen;


  • Case Adams, PhD

    Ph.D. in Natural Health Sciences, Doctorate in Integrative Health Sciences, Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner, California Naturopath. Diplomas in Blood Chemistry, Clinical Nutritional Counseling, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, certificates in Pain Management and Case Management/Contact Tracing. Has authored more than 30 books and hundreds of periodical articles on natural medicine. Recreational activities include surfing, sailing, running, biking, swimming, SUPing, hiking. Contact: case(at)caseadams(dot)com.

  • Alex Barnard, PhD

    Alex is a scientist, father, educator, and surfer. He has a PhD degree in geoscience and has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. Alex runs his own school, is an international surf team manager, and is a member of the review board of two academic journals.

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