Resveratrol Helps Reduce Weight and Slow Aging

weight loss and resveratrol.

Resveratrol helps reduce weight.

Are you looking for adding something to your diet to help keep off the pounds? Turns out that resveratrol from foods has been found to help reduce weight.

Obesity and resveratrol studied

Research from the National Institutes of Health’s Laboratory of Obesity and Aging Research has found the mechanisms of resveratrol are actually more potent than previously thought, rendering benefits for metabolic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, in addition to slowing the aging process.

It was previously thought that resveratrol’s mechanism of action directly activated the gene sequencing molecule called surtuin-1, which regulated cellular aging. While the new research does illustrate that surtuin-1 is activated by resveratrol, the activation takes place indirectly by inhibiting a category of enzymes called cAMP-degrading phosphodiesterases, or PDEs.

The reason for the significance of the discovery is that blocking these enzymes increases levels of available cAMP. High cAMP levels allow clear signalling responses to blood glucose levels, while activating an enzyme called AMPK. This pathway increases the cells’ energy productivity, utilizes glucose better, and helps strengthens cells.

Weight loss component

Resveratrol’s mechanisms illustrate why it can increase weight loss and balance blood sugar levels.

Jay Chung, MD, PhD, lead researcher in the study, confirmed the significance for these new findings. “Resveratrol has the potential as a therapy for diverse diseases such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.”

Resveratrol is most famously known to be come from wine, but the grape’s seeds and skins actually contain more resveratrol than the grape’s juice. This makes fresh grapes, raisins and grapeseed extract a more potent in terms of resveratrol content. Besides grapes, many red berries also contain resveratrol. The Japanese knotweed herb maintains one of the highest resveratrol contents known, and most supplements are derived from knotweed extract.

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Resveratrol helps fight cancer according to a number of other studies. But supplemental resveratrol doesn’t have the same kind of effect that resveratrol from natural foods has.

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