Rethinking seasonal allergies: Homeopathy treats the whole person for better results

Homeopathy has an excellent track record helping people with allergy symptoms.

Homeopathic Stramonium (Datura stramonium) proves useful for allergies.

Emily’s case

My patient, Emily, was 52 years old when I first saw her. She was a school teacher teaching physical education. She told me, “I have been active all my life and plan on keeping it that way. I believe in what I teach.”

Emily was very organized in her thinking and outlined four problems she wanted to address. Keep in mind that homeopathy treats the whole person and therefore all symptoms at once. It is holistic medicine in the truest sense of the word.

Her number one concern was an allergy problem in the spring. She was allergic to tree and grass pollen. Her allergies gave her itchy eyes, a runny nose, congestion, sneezing and headaches. She would also get severe bouts of coughing along with a very dry and scratchy throat. Her medical doctor wanted her to take shots, but she chose to use nasal spray instead.

Second, Emily was in constant pain as a result of injuries she sustained leading such an active life. Once she fell 80 feet while rock climbing. She had no broken bones, but she did tear muscles in her back and neck. Many years later she broke a bone in her foot. Her climbing accident continued to affect her right side and later led to persistent pain in the right shoulder. There was occasional pain in the right hip, too. And the left foot that had been broken years prior to seeing me was giving her a lot of pain.

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Third, Emily said she suffered from moodiness. She blamed it on menopause. She said she tried
to control her temper but at times just exploded. And, her stomach was acting up from stress. Fourth, her weight had become a problem even though she remained very active.

I detected the compulsiveness around her physical activity and exercise. She said, “I am married
to my job.” That is a clear statement of where her passion lay. She was giving me a clue about
the core of her case.

I also thought about the violence of an 80-foot fall. I saw Emily as having a very tough exterior as she did not break any bones with that fall. Among homeopathic remedies, Stramonium fruit is known for its toughness and thorns. It would be accurate to say that I saw Emily as a thorny personality.

Stramonium fruit

Then there was the addictive side to her personality. She said, “I love chocolate. I cannot just have few; I have to have the whole bag.”

When Emily came in for her first interview, she brought along her three dogs. She loved her puppies. She told me they had been homeless and abused, so she took them in. Here was the soft, gentle Emily who feels compassion towards the downtrodden.

Emily’s voice had masculine characteristics. She had never married and had had breast reduction surgery and a hysterectomy. That made me think that the masculine side of her is dominant. There was an explosive and uncontrollable quality to her anger and cough. She said she had to urinate a lot which indicated a water imbalance.

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Homeopathic Stramonium remedy

The symptom profile for the remedy Stramonium matched all these characteristics, and so that’s what I chose for her treatment. When using homeopathy it is important to listen carefully to how a client describes her symptoms. For example, regarding her weight Emily said, “I blossomed up to 210 pounds.” I
asked myself, “What blossoms?” The answer was plant buds. The Stramonium plant has a white

Stramonium is a homeopathic remedy produced from a plant called Datura stramonium, commonly known as jimson weed, thorn apple and devil’s trumpet. It is a widely used homeopathic remedy, where it is often used for trauma, headaches, insomnia, nervous system conditions, breathing problems and allergies.

Resonating with Emily

She said that during treatments with acupuncture needles she felt brutalized by the needles. I got
the sense that she felt brutalized by her students’ parents during her interactions with them. The
word “brutalized” expresses the mistrust and terror in her subconscious.

Emily’s short hair, her manic way of exercising, her breast reduction surgery and her hysterectomy all seemed to be about a subconscious suppression of her femininity.

Stramonium is a remedy well-suited to those with violent, uncontrollable eruptions from the subconscious. Emily tried to control her anger but at times it just exploded. I saw her allergies, her 80-foot fall, her cough, and her anger, all as violent, uncontrollable eruptions.

Emily did not seem to remember any of her dreams. Stramonium is well-known for helping those who fear the dark and experience nightmares. Even though she lacked this symptom, because her other symptoms matched Stramonium so well, I felt fine still proceeding with Stramonium.

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Over the years Emily has done beautifully by taking a single dose of Stramonium as needed which has been about every four months or so. Her allergies have all but disappeared. Emily enjoys the outdoors, camping and rigorous outdoor activities. Her aches, pains and arthritis symptoms are resolving beautifully.

Her emotions are much more balanced. She now gets along well with the parents of her students. She is elated with what homeopathy has done for her. I was very flattered when she referred to me as her “Yoda,” a character from the Star Wars films who acts as a guide to the main character, the young Luke Skywalker.

It is very rewarding to find a substance from nature that resonates so totally with a client’s needs. Finding the right remedy that provides such comprehensive improvement in health usually requires expert help from a homeopath. I was gratified to play the role of Yoda for Emily when it came to her health.

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