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Herbal Medicines that Fight Influenza

Research has confirmed that certain medicinal herbs and their constituents have the ability to directly inhibit influenza as well as stimulate the body’s own immune system in order to counteract the flu virus.

Pine Bark Extracts Heal Wounds, Lung Disorders, Venous Issues

Multiple studies reveal that ancient pine bark extracts heal wounds, kill cancer cells and reduce inflammation.

Medicinal Mushrooms Proven to Help Fight Influenza

A steady stream of research has confirmed that medicinal mushrooms have antiviral properties, and some research has suggested medicinal mushrooms can inhibit the flu.

Japanese Herbal Medicine Fights off Flu

Researchers from Japan’s Fukuoka University have found that a Japanese herbal blend called Maoto reduces the duration of influenza. The researchers randomly gave 28 adults with influenza either the Maoto herbal medicine, or one of two neuraminidase inhibitor pharmaceutical drugs found to…Read More »